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diMka skin (v1.3.19)

New update of the diMka skin with patch for vocal speedcam warning ...

Update 1.3.19
- Minor changes in road blocking and popup info.

Enjoy original skin (including 240x320 and 320x240 resolution) v1.3.19 !
and patch 3.3 for vocal speedcam warning ...

Or enjoy skin modified by Specter for landscape resolutions 320x240, 400x240 and 416x234
(Includes the voice warnings from the igo8 Ultra Skin - no patch needed)
v1.3.19 by Specter

Read the installation instructions below :

Required Speed Camera Voice Files Audio Folder:

Create an audio directory and unzip the audio file into the that directory, like this: "iGO8\audio".

- UK English Voice Files (M/F)
- US English Voice Files (-/F)
- FR French Voice Files (M/F)
- IT Italian Voice Files (M/F)
- NL Dutch Voice Files (-/F)
- PL Polish Voice Files (M/F)
- RO Romanian Voice Files (-/F)
- SW Swedish Voice Files (-/F)

Bluetooth Switcher (Optional):

- Bluetooth switcher

Interface Language Support:

- French Language File 4.4
- Italian Language File 4.1
- Dutch BE Language File 4.0
- Romanian Language File 4.0
- Swedish Language File 4.7


Teddy said...

It's verry good. Congragulation for your works.

Question :

The speed cam voice don't run:

I've unpack the patch 3.3 -> OK
I've unpack the FR French to iGO8\Audio\ -> OK

In the iGO in the speedcam option, i dont have the option for select the french language.

A Idea???

Eduardo Colmenar said...

Coold be possible to enjoy Speedwarnings in Spanish????

Please, I love this skin but need Spanish version.

Thanks a lot!!!


Anonymous said...

This is the skin I use all the time. There are only two things I would change:
1) No need for a 4th data field - apart from Arrival Time, Distance and Time Remaining, what else does anyone need? I like an uncluttered interface and this extra field isn't helping. I know I can set it to blank, but then it just wastes space.
2) That big yellow number showing roundabout exits. It's nice and clear but it covers the icon underneath, so for someone else using this skin for the first time - it isn't obvious what it is.

Oh, and the buttons on the RHS are a bit small - perhaps get rid of Record?

diMka, if you're reading this, maybe you could think about more options to turn off certain elements and allow the user to customise more freely.

Otherwise, a great skin.

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