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diMka skin (v1.3.16)

New update of the diMka skin with patch for vocal speedcam warning ...

Update 1.3.15 :
- Minor changes in Lane Info.
- Minor changes in Sound Settings screen.

- Added Route Correctless setting and Simple Itinary mode

No update information about 1.3.16 for the moment ...

Enjoy v1.3.16 !
and patch 3.3 for vocal speedcam warning ...

Read the installation instructions in the readme file included in the patch.
Use the voice files from Ultra skin previously posted on this blog


Florian said...

I tried to use this skin with speedcam warning, but it is still not working. Even if I use English (UK) voice and lang files with English speedcam warnings from Ultra Skin.
Anyone an idea?


Anonymous said...

Yes, wait for the Spector version.

Specter said...

Here is the specter version:

just updated it.

if you installed the voice patch already, you will have to remove those files before you use the specter version. Be sure to copy the sounds files into the audio directory right off of the igo8 directory.

Civic said...

It is a great skin. I am trying it for the first time and very impressed by its functionality. However, I use IGO build and find the button [Map] under Navigation Menu and the button [Plan on Map] under Find Menu do not work. They automatically reset the GPS device. Anybody has similar problem please?

Anonymous said...

I think you will need to upgrade to a new version of igo8. anyone that is newer than 29000 will work.

Civic said...

Fantastic. The problem resolved after updated to version from Jetmouse.

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