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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v4.8)

Last update of the Ultra skin ...

25/08/2008 Version 4.8
- Added rectangular backgrounds to the main direction icon panels in both portrait and landscape mode.
- Minor repositioning of the lane information at the top of the screen to fit with the new rectangular direction icon panels.
- Minor cosmetic adjustments to the trip data information display on all of the "Map" screens.

Enjoy v4.8 !

Use the voice files from post v3.8 ...
And the installation instructions from v3.4 ...


Anonymous said...

Is it posible to make this skin; change to Night Color Profil automaticly, when driving thru tunnels.
I don't like the default "Tunnel view"

Anonymous said...

what's about german voice and language files? Can anybody help me?

C&D said...

For German voice you can try with this file : http://uploaded.to/?id=y5w9yp
(Including German Readme file for installation instructions)

Anonymous said...

Please, PLEASE remove the rectangular background or make it an option - it's not pretty!

Also, please add optional speed indication on the left above the speed limit. Speed limit should be optional too.

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