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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v4.5)

Last update of the Ultra skin ...

10/08/2008 Version 4.4
- Added redesigned matching square backgrounds to the main and secondary direction icons for "Full Screen Mode" only.
- The "Full Screen Mode" setting is now retained when switching between landscape and portrait mode and is now the default mode.
- Added a "No-GPS Warning" button to the "Map" screen for the condition where there is a valid route but no GPS device available.

14/08/2008 Version 4.5
- Restored access to the "Trip Computer" for the condition where there is no valid route.
- Redesigned the "Find Default Map Mode" toggle button icons. All toggle buttons now have vertical arrows to differentiate them instead of the previous blue colour.
- Added a "Find Default Map Mode" toggle button to the "More Options" page of the "Place Menu".
- Added small "+" sign indicators to the map button icons in "Place Mode" to indicate the current "Find Default Map Mode" status.
- Added a "Home" button to the "Find" menu which supports a single "Tap" to open the first favourite on the map, or "Tap and Hold" to immediately calculate a route to the first favourite.
- The "Home" button "Tap and Hold" function supports the "Find Default Map Mode" and, depending on this setting, will go straight to either the "Map" or "Plan on Map" mode.
- Added an option to either use the default "Home" name or the actual name of the first favourite for the "Home" button, configurable via the Settings ► Menu ► "Show Name on Home Button" option.

Enjoy v4.4 and v4.5 !


Xerses72 said...

Updated Lang_Italian_Pda.zip compatible with latest release of Ultra Skin v4.5, also with the diMka Skin v1.3.17



Anonymous said...

Please, include the screen resolution!!!
I would love to see this skin, but in a resolution my device can handle: 640x480

Anonymous said...

Will you release a 480*272 version for pna ?

Anonymous said...

Will you release a 480*272 version for pna ? pleas,pleas.thanks

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