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Specter "diMka" skin v1.3.14 - 400x240

Same update as original diMka v1.3.14 skin, but including resolution 400x240 and the voice warnings from the igo8 Ultra Skin - no patch needed.

Enjoy Specter 1.3.14 !


John said...

1st: Thanks for this update of a great skin.
On the former 3.10 i discovered that when deviating from a route, coming back to it later without updating it automatically or manualy, it gave an FFUIERROR ?.
I'll check if this version fixed it if it was a known problem, otherwise i guess there still might be some work in it? ;)
But i guess that's just the whole fun of creating an awsome working skin.
Thanks again.


shruti said...

I think I have messed up with my GPS by unknowingly setting some permanent road blocks. Also some of the roads over which I was putting the cursor have turned into violet color. I am not sure why. Is there anyway to clear all the settings and start over?

specter said...

select MANAGE from the main menu and on page two of the mange screen is Blocked Roads. you can select it and there is an option to clear them all.

Anonymous said...

This is the best skin for IGO!! Any chance to have a 480x272 version. I just got a new PNA and cannot use diMka on it :(

Anonymous said...

Is possible to obtain a 240X400 resolution ?

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