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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v4.3)

Last update of the Ultra skin ...

08/08/2008 Version 4.3
- Added optional coloured red and green transparent backgrounds for the lane information arrows, selectable via the Lane Information menu.
- Added road lane marker as separator between the red and green lane information backgrounds, this includes short and long dashed lines, single continuous line, double continuous lines and single continuous with dashed line in left and right handed combinations.

Enjoy v4.3 !

Use the voice files from post v3.8 ...
And the installation instructions from v3.4 ...


Anonymous said...

I'm a loyal iGO8 'Ultra' Skin user and the recent enhancements are excellent. Thank you.

Although I'm a little confused....

I briefly used the Specter 'Ultra' Skin V3.4 where the HOME Button was introduced together with the House numbers etc. when driving.....

I assume that these are two independant developers, one developing the original skin, the other taking it a step further.

So, infact they are two independant skins and should be named as such, not as is inferred from the same stable.

Thanks again for the 'Ultra' skin, this has been and always been my favourite and I'll alsways continue to be loyal.


Anonymous said...

I've done everything but still shows the original skin (zip file into skins folder, languages into audio folder). I even modified the sys.txt, but it doesn't work.
Please help.

Anonymous said...

I assume you have exited/quit the application, copied the 'Ultra' Skin to your SD card and then restarted the application, gone to Settings, Menu, Skin and selected the new Skin.

The application will restart et Voila.... Then, you will need to go the the 'Quick Menu' to select the 6th Button to select the iGO8's 'Widescreen mode' to truly benefit from this great skin.


Florentiu said...

It is a real pity that a lot of people like me can't use this skin because it is not avilable for the 480x272 resolution.
Hope it will be in the near future.
Are there any plans for that?

Anonymous said...

I have problem starting this skin,I did installed it, selected from skin menu, the program restart, but it is the same skin as default skin... what am I missing ?

Anonymous said...

it does look like the original skin. you need to select the battery logo in the bottom left corner to bring up the quick menu. from there you can select the full screen mode. or set it up to full screen mode in the SETTINGS.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Looks like Version 4.4 will solve the issues you guys have with your PDA's in portarit mode.

Start Quote "The "Full Screen Mode" setting is now retained when switching between landscape and portrait mode and is now the default mode.
End quote....

Will be posted on this site very soon I am sure.


Anonymous said...


how do I activate this option :

and when does it shows up?


Anonymous said...

I would like to be able to change the arrow to a car symbol inside your wonderful skin.


Anonymous said...

maybe it could be a nice option for some people, to choose manually if a map displays localiced or international names (cities, ...), instead of let igo choose from it's own program language settings.

- israel map is in english when igo program speech is set to english. in other program languages the map shows hebrew names.
- latest croatia map (2008.01 080619) is in croatic language when igo is set to english.
when igo is set to german, the map shows (very old!) german citynames.

(I dont know if this is possible in a skin!)

thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

the download file is corrupt

i can not open it

Anonymous said...

Can the distance from the junction that the lane info arrows is shown be altered as they appear rather to close to the junction to be of much use if you are in the wrong lane.
500 yards would be ok.

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