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Xerses colormap v6

Etna volcano with snow !

These seasonal schemes are intended for mediterranean regions (South Italy, Spain, Greece...)

What's new in this version ?
-Changed the tone-color of the sky and sea color schemes for autumn and winter (decreased blue intensity typical of spring and summer, increased the light-effect due to the haze over the sun low in these seasons). Adapted the brightness and contrast also related dayheightmaps. Greater prominence in the seasonal change from summer semester to winter semester.
-Minor changes on twilight scheme.

To install
Copy the schemes in folder SD\iGO8\Content\Scheme

Select scheme in Settings menu\Map visual\Colour profiles in iGO8 navigator.

Enjoy Xerses Color Schemes V6 !
and many thanks to Xerses for this nice work ;-)


nino said...

e bravo m'baruzzu

lesscro said...

Hey Mr ArtWork-iGo ! I have a request !
Can you modify with your realistic road color this scheme suite ?

i use with igo and i m waiting for realitic road... Yellow is so BAD !

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