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diMka skin - iGO 8.3 compatible - (v1.1.9)

Lastest update of the original and mod versions of the diMka skin
compatible only with iGO 8.3

To install a skin, just copy the zip file to your "iGO8\content\skin folder".

diMka ORIGINAL Version 1.1.9
(240,320, 320x240)

diMka Megaduck99/Specter Version 1.1.9 Light
(240x320, 320x240, 400x240, 480x272)

diMka Megaduck99/Specter Version 1.1.9 Dark
(240x320, 320x240, 400x240, 480x272)

diMka Wertvrv Version 1.1.8
(240x320, 320x240, 480x234)

diMka Wertvrv Version 1.1.8 Winter edition !
(240x320, 320x240, 480x234)

Enjoy all these skins !!!

Informations about the specificity of each mod version in previous post

Changes since previous post (Version 1.1.5):

1.1.9 Added USM, SWM, NLM voices.
1.1.8 Bug fix in settings menu 320x240. Thanks to WertVRV.
1.1.7 Added long click action to Country Center, City Center, Street Center, "Done" in house number input screen, "Map" in POI info screen buttons.
Added Route Progress indicator to bottom data fields.
1.1.6 One more vehicle change bug fixed.


Clueless said...

I downloaded the diMka Wertvrv Version 1.1.8 (which also supports 480x234 which is my device resolution). Can anyone provide step by step instructions of what folders/files need to be extracted into where such as the folder ui_igo8 is supposed to be extracted into branding.zip or data.zip, or both, etc...?

Dan said...

How can I change the Car into my Car?

Catalinc7 said...

Can you make an ad, to put a phone button on the navigation map? I use my HTC as a phone and also for navigation.

Anonymous said...

Why you can't select the house number of an address ? With other skin works, but with this skin not.

Anonymous said...

great skin only house number and battery low stay even if is batery full.Can you fix that please.

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