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Kikker Skin v2.0 - Now with 800x480 and IPAQ Bluetooth support !

This skin has two versions - a normal version and one specified for use with ONLY the HP IPAQ 31x high res device. The normal version is intended for devices with one of the following resolutions in landscape orientation only:

320x240, 400x240, 480x272, 640x480, 800x480 (native high res!)

HP IPAQ 31x owners can use the special HP VERSION of this skin, which will allow you to turn on/off the bluetooth app (bluesoleil.exe) from within IGO. Not only that, you can make POI calls to your bluetooth phone directly from IGO. Please read the README included in the HP VERSION zip file. Those WITHOUT an IPAQ 31x device should download the normal version of this skin! A big thanks goes to bitblaster for coding the bluetooth applications packaged in the HP VERSION.

A few things that have been modified from the default data.zip are:

1. Added Time to Maneuver field above the Turn Indicator
2. Removed top transparent bar when no route has been entered.
3. Added a 4th data cockpit field (except 320x240).
4. The options for each cockpit field has been increased to include all "trip computer" variables.
5. Added compass.
6. Redesigned both Main and Secondary turn indicators.
7. Added an indicator within the Main turn indicator that "grows" as you near your next maneuver.
8. Minimize Option built in.
9. Ultra skin flyover controls.
10. Secondary turn icon only visible within 3 miles of next turn.
11. Smart zoom tilt settings.
12. Speedcam visuals now sorted.

Please download the correct skin. The HP VERSION is intended only for HP IPAQ 31x users.

Enjoy Kikker Skin V2 or Kikker Skin V2 for IPAQ !
and many thanks to Kikker for sharing his nice work ;-)


Anonymous said...

Everything would be perfect in this skin, EXCEPT when I want to simulate or flyover, I receive this message :
FFUIERROR: Unknow object identifier
Script "[Unnamed]" command=0

Any idea ?

rsr said...

Try the new 2.1 version with Speedcam voices.

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