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Gurjon skin (5.9)

Latest update of Gurjon skin for iGO 8.3.x.x ...

For iGO 8.3.x.x - Gurjon skin 5.9 (2009.01.10)

Added or fixed : 5.9 (2009.01.10)
1. Second turn option (display according to distance) was added.
2. Cursor-car selection from library was added.
Library can be found in download section "cursor_cars.rar".
File needs to be extracted to iGO8/ folder. (it should be like iGO8/cars/*.bmp)
3. It's now possible to turn off GPS/battery indicator.
4. It's now possible to select larger speed camera icon.
5. Added menu buttons to the transparency setting.
6. New mini compass on POI was added. (Thanks dima8389).
7. Interface fixes. (Thanks JackD)
8. Various technical adjustments.

Added or fixed : 5.9 (2009.01.11)
1. Added spaces in place menu buttons names, specialy for translation.
2. Various technical adjustments.

Enjoy Gurjon skin 5.9 !
and many thanks to him for his nice work ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hello, In skin 5.9 I can't find the cars. I have double checked te root and mapname.

Anonymous said...

wow...such a simple and intuitive iGO8 interface made unbelievably complicated and confusing by this skin...what's the point?

HiN said...

Error of car on traffic circle

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