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"iGO8 Ultra" skin (v6.0.1)

New update of the well known iGO8 Ultra skin by Linknet ...
(supported resolutions are 320x240, 240x320, 640x480 and 480x640 only)

Changes :
1. Completely rewritten to be fully compatible with iGO8 PDA Version dated 7th November 2008.
2. Appears to work but may not be fully compatible with iGO8 PNA Version dated 13th November 2008.
3. Unfortunately some of the previous features, notably speed camera voice warnings, have not been included. This is partly due to a lack of available time but mainly to reduce complexity and simplify future maintenance.
4. Bug Fix ► Added two bitmap files for portrait mode which appear to be missing in some versions of the data.zip file.

Enjoy Ultra skin v6 by Linknet !
Many thanks to him for this nice skin ... (Linknet website)

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Anonymous said...

There is already a 6.0.2 version released

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