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Real-View scheme and colormap v5 !

DragonFly offers us a new update of his colormap and scheme ...
Including new nice cloudy or sunny sky !!!

For Day Version:

- One-way arrows in red (better visibility that the others)
- Changing colors of industrial areass and
supermarket car parks (gray instead of brown)
- Cities distinguished by a soft brown "coating"

For Night Version :
- Changing the color "sodium" in the cities (a little more orange .... closer to the reality that the yellow a bit too "lemon")
- Changing colors of industrial areas and car parks of supermarkets (dark gray asphalt .... better visibility under night)
- One-way arrows in red (better visibility that the others)
- Night trip planned in blue instead of orange .... better look in town.

Installation :
- Unzip V5F.rar file
- Copy schemes in your iGO8/content/scheme folder
- Open your data.zip
- Open GFX folder and backup your folders day and night
- Copy the new day and night folders (GFX)
- Soft-reset and enjoy !

Enjoy Real-view V5 by DragonFly !

2 versions are included in the archive : 32Mo and 64Mo ... uses the most adapted at the performance of your GPS ...


Anonymous said...

hi DragonFly ,
thank you for the nice scheme, but how i Open my data.zip and backup my folders day and night and
how i Copy the new day and night folders (GFX)?
the v4 installation wasn't so complicataed.is there a easier way? tank u inadvance.

C&D said...

Hi Anonymous ;-)

Only put GFX folder on your memory card at iGO8/ folder ... it works fine !

Anonymous said...

thank u c&amp,i did and it works fine!

bethybabes69 said...

I've installed this as per instructions, apart from putting GFX folder in igo8/ directory, but it looks different, I have sky and clouds in the day, stars at night and correct colours, but I don't have a car icon, or display layout like the preview, what did I do wrong?

Richard said...

I get the colors etc but I don't get the clouds or night sky pictures....
I have tried with GFX folder in data.zip & as igo\gfx\...


bethybabes69 said...

I got it working by putting the gfx folder in the igo8 root folder.
I had to alter the tilt and zoom settings to see the sky though!
I liked it, but ended up changing back, as it was too resource hungry with the other mods on my device, and TTS started to stutter a bit.


Anonymous said...


car icon in on a skin and not on the scheme

Anonymous said...

hi, how to get it working whith gfx folder in igo8\ on sd card ?

please contact me at j.snijder-AT-alice-dot-nl

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